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Window Tinting Company

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The Window Tinting Company is a family owned and operated firm providing solar, safety, and specialty glass enhancement films for the interiors of residential and commercial glazing. Formed with people of integrity, which is displayed through our work, we commit to designing, planning, and installing the products that you need while providing the service you expect. The Window Tinting Company is a well-respected, progressive, company with a strong presence in the constuction industry.

Services we offer:
-Solar Film Installation
-Safety and Security Film Installation
-Mechanical and Wet-Glaze Battening System Installations
-Specialty Frost and Designer Film Installations
-Auto-Cad Design
-Architect and Interior Design Consultations
-In-Home Estimating
-Energy Audits
-Draft and Blueprint Estimating

Essestials in window film installation that make us who we are:
-Individual Attention: Our qualified staff is committed to giving you the foremost service and attention to detail that you expect.
-Consistent Communication: Keeping the lines of communication open as a result of our one-on-one strategy consultations is a principal part of the success that our clients experience.
-Project Management: We pride ourselves in hiring only qualified and certified installers who are dedicated to satisfying our clients to the best of their ability. In addition our company is committed to installing only the finest products available in a timely manner.
-Commitment to Architecture and Application: Whether it is a modest-sized residential application or a multi-level office building, we have the products and staff to suit your needs. We will take the time to document and service the needs of your problem both ascetically and efficiently. From a modest home to a mansion or a storefront to a skyscraper, the Window Tinting Company is the right choice for you.